Collins Design Group (CDG) provides full service architectural solutions for commercial, residential, and institutional projects. CDG can work with developers, private owners, or municipalities to create a building to meet all of the programmatic, operational, and aesthetic requirements of the client. Our team works with developers, cities, communities, and other key stakeholders to help improve the urban environment and takes an integrated approach to incorporating sustainable design strategies across all disciplines of a project. CDG can also serve as the developer or development partner for residential, commercial, or mixed-use projects. Our team can bring design, construction, and finance expertise to the table to deliver turnkey properties.

ARCHITECTURE is about making buildings of our time that fit within their context and enhance the communities that they reside within.

URBANISM is about making places.

SUSTAINABILITY is about recognizing the importance of conserving our resources of energy, water, and materials, as well as understanding the impact that the built environment has on us as the user of the spaces and inhabitants of these places.

DEVELOPMENT is the process of helping to rebuild and revitalize communities. By acquiring underutilized parcels and land that can be converted to a higher and better use, additional homes, retail, and community services can be provided for residents and neighborhoods. 

    Our services include:

    • Conceptual Design / Space Planning / 3D visualization
    • Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Permitting, and Construction Contract Administration
    • Master planning / Land Use Planning
    • Streetscape design / Landscape Design
    • Transportation Infrastructure design
    • Land development guidelines & policy
    • Community engagement facilitation
    • Net Zero Design / Green Building Certification
    • Training
    • Entitlements
    • Financial proformas
    • Pre-construction cost estimating
    • Asset Management